Brittany Runs A Marathon is an Amazon Studios comedy starring Jillian Bell as a woman who decides to get her life in order and begins running, eventually deciding to run the New York Marathon. A film like this is always hard to do, because you have to balance making a film that is funny and entertaining, without just making your jokes fat shaming, and putting plus sized people as the butt of the jokes. And I think that is somewhere that Brittany Runs A Marathon succeeds. Her journey in the film is not actually one to just lose weight, but it is realising that running was something she used to add some focus to her life.

The issue with the film however is the comedy. So much of the comedy in the film just doesn’t really land. The one exception was with the character of Seth. Micah Stock plays him, and is pretty hilarious in most of the scenes that he’s in. The rest of the film isn’t particularly funny, instead relying on the emotional beats of the narrative to draw you in, which is does fairly well throughout.