Charlie’s Angels is a franchise that has been around since the mid 70s. After two films in the early 2000s starring some of the biggest actresses of the time it has now been rebooted by Elizabeth Banks who writes and directs a new film that doesn’t necessarily have the star power the previous two had. Starring as the three lead Angels is Ella Balinska, in her first major film role, Naomi Scott, and Kristen Stewart.

The film shows the growth of the Townsend Agency with numerous Bosleys now existing to help manage the Angels. The original, now played by Patrick Stewart, is seen retiring at the start of the film with Bosley’s played by Djimon Hounsou and Banks herself featuring heavily. The new story that Banks has created, involving a tech company’s new technology that could be misused in the wrong hands is all very generic, and the twists of the film won’t really surprise you.

Thankfully though the three leads manage to make it workable. Balinska’s Jane Kano is the tough former spy of the group. Balinska is fantastic in the role, and has all the physicality you’d expect. Scott plays the new recruit, talkative scientist Elena Houghlin, and is really new audience members way into the world of the Angels. The standout though is Kristen Stewart, who is clearly just having a blast with the film. She oozes charisma throughout, and steals every single scene she’s in. The supporting cast is all fine, but it is the three leads that make the film worthwhile.

Banks’ direction also surprised me. She had previously directed Pitch Perfect 2, but it was how well she brought most of the action scenes together that I didn’t expect. That said, they probably share a lot of similarities with musical numbers or dance sequences, so you can see how Pitch Perfect would translate well into an action film like Charlie’s Angels. I think her direction is far better than her screenplay for the film, which is really the film’s big weakness.

And whilst this Charlie’s Angels film ends up being fairly mediocre and forgettable, if a better script were to be put in place I would absolutely see this cast reunite for a sequel.