Get Out is the debut feature film directed by comedian Jordan Peele, from Key & Peele, and is produced by horror filmmakers Blumhouse. Get Out is a horror film following Chris Washington (Daniel Kaluuya), an African-American photographer, who visits his white girlfriend’s family’s reclusive estate.

Peele does a brilliant job of crafting a genuine horror film, whilst managing to offer a social commentary and bring in elements of the comedy that he’s known for. It’s all very well-balanced. The way the feeling of unease, and the tension grows and grows throughout is masterful. There are genuine scares in there, but it is really that sense that something is wrong, and the way that the story is slowly revealed as the film progresses. For Jordan Peele to have created such a brilliantly crafted horror film at his first attempt, and not just falling back on clichés and tired old storylines, immediately marks him out as one of the best new directors around.

Peele manages to make Get Out about racism, but also a universal film. It is very much a film about the way that middle class white liberal people who think that they understand the situation of African-Americans when they never could. It is something that taken to an extreme level with the community that Chris visits, but there are many moments that would be recognised, with Peele saying that it was a very personal film. At the same time anyone who has ever been an outsider at a gathering will be able to relate to Get Out in some way.

The central performance from relative unknown Daniel Kaluuya (The Fades, Black Mirror) is fantastic. He sells Chris’ growing uncomfortableness throughout the film and his interactions with everyone in the neighbourhood. The actors playing the Armitage family (Allison Williams, Bradley Whitford, Catherine Keener, and Caleb Landry Jones) are all very good as well. But it is Betty Gabriel and Marcus Henderson as Georgina and Walter, who both make their characters so creepy, who stand out in the supporting cast.

Get Out is a classic in the making horror film. Peele has made a film that is so tense and with genuine scares, but also has the humour that you would expect from a comedian. What is most impressive about Get Out is the way that it gets into your head, and makes you think about modern society.