Paterson is a very charming drama/comedy that follows the day in the life of Paterson (Adam Driver), a bus driver and poet who lives in New Jersey town Paterson.

Throughout the film we watch him observe people who ride his bus, his interactions with a fellow bus driver and the regulars at a local bar, and his home life with his partner Laura (Golshifteh Farahani). Every day follows a very similar pattern for Paterson, but we see how his observations and interactions with the people around him inspire his poetry. Jim Jarmusch’s very small scale script belies it’s great ideas, and some brilliant touches of comedy.

Managing to turn what seems like a mundane and repetitive life to one that constantly provides Paterson with inspiration and enjoyment. Similarly Jarmusch takes what could be a very repetitive and mundane premise for a film, and creates something incredibly charming and funny with it.

Helped by a brilliant performance by indie darling Adam Driver. Driver really sells the enjoyment that Paterson gets from his life, be it conversations he hears on the bus, the antics of customers at the bar, or Laura’s eccentricities. The supporting cast all bring their own interesting dynamics, but it is Driver, along with Jarmusch, who are the stars of the show.

If you are looking for a film that is full of action, drama, or a laugh a minute then Paterson isn’t going to be the film for you. But it has a great charm to it and really humorous moments that make it entertaining without being stuffed with all these things.