Right so I’ve caught two films which are up for Oscars and Baftas, Lincoln and Life of Pi. First Lincoln, the set up for Lincoln is that Abraham Lincoln, or Abe, is trying to get the 13th amendment passed through congress which would abolish slavery, spoiler he does and thats why we don’t have slaves. So I actually study US politics at A level and that includes the difficulty of amending the US constitution and I find it very interesting, so I found it quite surprising that I didn’t find the film all that interesting. I can see why it’s received a lot of praise, Daniel Day-Lewis is amazing as Abe. His performance is truly award worthy. Also Americans will love it, it’s exactly the kind of patriotic self important film that American’s gobble up. Personally I wasn’t blown away by the film, and thats from someone with an interest in the subject, but Daniel Day-Lewis is in with a shout for best actor awards, although will face stiff competition from Bradley Cooper and supposedly Hugh Jackman (more on that when I actually get to see les Mis).

Life of Pi however is brilliant. The first thing that has to be said is that it looks sublime, the effects and the look of the film are as good as anything I’ve seen, right up there with Avatar. The difference between Pi and Avatar is that Pi delivers on other fronts, not just looking great. Pi also has a great story and some great performances, although I’m a little disappointed that Richard Parker the CGI tiger wasn’t given any best supporting actor nominations. Maybe if Andy Serkis had played him. I think this lad Suraj Sharma is an actor to watch, he’s up for Rising Star award at the Baftas and was certainly sublime in this film, especially when you consider that a lot of the film is just him on a boat with CGI animal.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed Life of Pi, much more than I did Lincoln, and I hope that it does better at the awards, but Lincoln is defiantly the kind of film that does do well. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to the cinema to see Les Mis soon, and I’ll have a Superbowl post up early next week.