Bombshell is a film detailing the history of sexual abuse that was prevelant at Fox News, particularly perpatrated by CEO Roger Ailes, based upon the accounts of the women who worked at the organisation. This is a film that is built on the performances, particularly those from Charlize Theron as Megyn Kelly and Margot Robbie, whose Kayla Pospisil is a fictional representation of many other women. Megyn Kelly is obviously a well known, and divisive figure for many controversial views, but the film takes great care to stay clear of any real political discussions, instead looking to focus on giving a voice to the women of Fox News, and shine a light on the culture of abuse there.

However, despite this decision it never really feels as though Bombshell goes beyond the surface at all. It feels a little all over the place drawing from so many threads, that no one of them really gets explored to any great degree. With a weaker cast this could have sunk the film, but the talent on show here is great enough to overcome that. Theron brings a steeliness to Kelly originally, that we see fall away as she agonises over what to do once the allegations start coming to light. But for me it is Robbie who steals the film. Her relationship with fellow staffer Jess Carr, played by Kate McKinnon, feels like the one area where the film really gets into the human characters behind events and the headlines, and Robbie really brings that humanity.

Bombshell is the kind of story that is important to tell, holding powerful and horrible people to account. This might not be the best example of it, but its still one worth your time on the pure strength of the quality of the acting.