Based on the Valiant Comics character of the same name Bloodshot is an action superhero film starring Vin Diesel as former marine Ray Garrison who is enhanced with special nanite technology that increases his strength and stamina whilst making him nearly invincible. Upon remembering the details of his wife’s murder he decides to hunt down the man responsible.

It could be an interesting concept for a film, especially given the twist after taking his revenge we discover that Ray is actually being used by the company that enhanced him to take out their CEO’s rivals. I say could have been an interesting concept because this was all laid out in the trailer for the film. I assumed therefore that this would be quite quickly got to in the film, but it is still played out as a major second act reveal, despite the fact that everyone will already know that twist. And honestly the marketing really does detract from the film. This could have been an impactful twist, but without it the story just lacks anything of interest.

It’s not helped by one of the most lackluster performances from Vin Diesel. Franchises like The Fast and the Furious, xXx, and Riddick aren’t all time classic films, but Vin does have a level of charisma that really makes these mostly entertaining films. But that’s just lacking in Bloodshot, this is more on the level of The Last Witch Hunter, and that’s a film that should be in my wheelhouse, but was nearly unwatchable. One of the few saving graces is the presence of the always awesome Eiza González.

The other is some really cool visuals, particularly in the one good action sequence of the film. An awesome lighting choice, some nice cinematography made that sequence really pop, and it’s a shame that the other action set pieces just didn’t live up to the same level. Also whilst the technologically enhanced look good from a technical standpoint, compared to a film like Alita: Battle Angel last year they just feel unoriginal. And honestly if you’re going to watch a film about people with cybernetic enhancements then Alita is probably the way to go.