Spies In Disguise is the new Blue Sky Studios animated film featuring Will Smith as the world’s greatest spy Lance Sterling, who after being framed for a crime is turned into a pigeon by a social outcast working in the gadget department, Walter Beckett. Both Lance and Walter are loners, but for very different reasons. Lance believes he’s best off as a lone wolf whilst Walter struggles to connect with other people who find him weird. Their growing friendship over the course of the film is clearly one of the big themes, as is Walter’s strong belief in finding less violent and destructive solutions to problems.

The film is a little heavy handed and in your face with this message, but that’s understandable given that a large part of the target audience will be children. That doesn’t make it any less frustrating for an older audience member though. There also isn’t a huge amount of humour in there for an older audience, which is a bit disappointing when you have Will Smith and Tom Holland in the two main roles. But this is still a perfectly fine family film, that I’m sure kids will enjoy.