Michael Bay has made a move from big screen action spectacle onto Netflix in 6 Underground. An action thriller centered around a team of ‘Ghosts’ made up of former intelligence officers, criminals, and soldiers who have all had their deaths faked by a reclusive billionaire known only as One. The Ghosts attempt to take down the cruel dictator of a country called Turgistan. 6 Underground is written by Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese who are best known for their work on the Zombieland and Deadpool franchises. But that kind of meta humour just doesn’t gel with Bay’s over the top action style at all.

This confusion of tones is only further complicated by the presence of Ryan Reynolds in the lead role as One. Reynolds has been a perfect fit for Wernick and Reese’s style of writing, as he’s a charming and naturally funny performer. The problem is that just isn’t really the character of One. There’s always a clear tension between the serious guy who is in charge of this team of people who have sacrificed everything for this life and Reynolds’ wisecracking schtick.

Compounded with Michael Bay’s usual penchant for covering up for bad action sequences with slow motion and explosions there isn’t a huge amount to enjoy in 6 Underground. What is frustrating however is that there are a number of interesting set pieces set up, but Bay just can’t deliver on them. This might be a film you won’t have to invest any money in if you already have a Netflix subscription, but it certainly isn’t worth it to invest your time.