Why are the cats in a Suicide cult?

Why are the cats all nuzzling each other the entire time?

Why do the cats have human hands?

Why does that one cat tap dance?

Why do the cats fluctuate between cat and human sized in relation to the background?

Why is there an obsession with the word ineffable?

Why does the film end by just flipping my favourite Blackadder the Third joke?

Why do some cats wear clothes and others don’t?

Why does Rebel Wilcat tear her skin off?

Why did someone think it would be a good idea to make Ray Winstcat sing?

Why is Ian McCatllen the only one acting like an actual cat? Is he wrong or everyone else in the film?

Why is Idris Elbcat a wizard Harry?

Why hasn’t he used these magical power to subjugate the entire world?

Why does Taylor Swicat describe Idris as ginger, tall, and thin when he’s clearly not?

Why are people talking about her song for an Oscar? Are there only 4 other original songs?

Why should we care about Jennifer Hudcat in the film when no one has anything resembling a character arc in the film?

Why during Memories do they keep cutting to the most horrifying sight in the history of the world, Judi Denchat?

And how the hell did they manage to make a film that was nearly two hours and yet NOTHING happened? No story, no character development. Nothing. Not one thing.

Also Tim Hooper began this decade winning the Best Picture Oscar with The King’s Speech, and now he’s producing one of the worst films I’ve seen all year. How is that even possible?

But I guess there was some good dancing, which will save it from being a 1 out of 10.