2014’s Maleficent is one of the few Disney live action remakes that forged its own direction and made a new story. The only problem with this was that it didn’t strike a chord with audiences, and ultimate was very forgettable.

That however has to be preferable to watching the awful sequel, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, a film that really fails on almost every level. Obviously the big draw of the Maleficent films is Angelina Jolie’s presence as the titular character. And where the first film focused on her relationship with Aurora and learning to truly care for someone else this sequel quickly writes Maleficent out for the bulk of the film.

Instead we spend most of the film with Aurora’s new mother-in-law Ingrith, two fairies in a power struggle, and a variety of random and utterly forgettable creatures. Honestly it is a bunch of different plot lines that it is hard to care about, that do all come together in the end, but not really in a satisfying way.

Michelle Pfeiffer plays Ingrith, the new villain of the film. And despite being a fantastic actress there just isn’t anything to the character. She doesn’t really have strong motivations, she’s just evil because they needed someone to be evil, and even someone like Pfeiffer couldn’t bring any nuance to it.

Honestly Maleficent: Mistress of Evil is a massive misstep for Disney. The first film was divisive, but this one is just plain bad.