As someone who loves the original live action Addams Family films, I genuinely went into the new Addams Family movie, even if the trailers didn’t fill me with huge confidence.

With a cast that saw Oscar Isaac and Charlize Theron playing Gomez and Morticia, and Chloë Grace Moretz and Finn Wolfhard as their children Wednesday and Pugsly I thought at least there was talent behind the film. Especially we you look through all the supporting voice cast. However, it feels as though everyone is just there to pick up their paycheck having actually read the script.

If I’m being generous there is maybe one reasonably funny joke in the film, and a couple of musical drops that are so bizarre and out of place that they’re unintentionally funny. Apart from that, the script is unoriginal and lifeless, with the kind of story that has been recycled in countless animated films and even worse attempts at humour.

Honestly just do yourself a favour and watch the original two live action films.