Well The 91st Academy Awards are tomorrow night, and although the ceremony itself may be in chaos, adding and removing categories, not having a proper host, and strange decisions to try and hide some of the awards during the commercial breaks which were later reversed. I am still telling you what I think will and should win. As always both parts are completely my own opinion, and I would love to hear yours in the comments below.

Best Picture:
What a twisting and turning, up and down awards season this has been, and even now I’m still far from certain that Roma will come out victorious. It has however kept going from strength to strength in the award season, continuing to rack up best picture wins. Even at The BAFTAs where The Favourite dominated Roma managed to steal away Best Picture. The only big mark against Roma is likely that it’s a Netflix film, but the momentum is in its court, and I’d be surprised if anything else caused the upset. Although if anything were to my hope would certainly be The Favourite.
Will Win: Roma
Most Likely Upset: Green Book
Should Win: The Favourite

Best Director:
This seems to be one of the more clear cut award in all probability, Cuarón has won at the BAFTAs, the Golden Globes, and DGA Awards. The inevitable outcome appears to be that Cuarón will handily claim The Best Director award at the Oscars as well, and honestly it would probably be the correct outcome.
Will Win: Alfonso Cuarón
Most Likely Upset: Spike Lee
Should Win: Alfonso Cuarón

Best Actor:
This has felt like a two horse race for a while with Rami Malek and Christian Bale facing off for their portrayals of Freddie Mercury and Dick Cheney respectively. I think Malek’s wins at the SAG Awards and the BAFTAs has ended up making him a firm favourite in my eyes. This was something I called way back when the trailer first came out for Bohemian Rhapsody, and whilst Bale would be my personal choice, Malek winning would give me a certain sense of smug satisfaction.
Will Win: Rami Malek
Most Likely Upset: Christian Bale
Should Win: Christian Bale

Best Actress:
Ok I’m going to get it out of the way saying that TONI COLLETTE SHOULD HAVE BEEN NOMINATED FOR HEREDITARY! But enough of that and on to the actual nominees. Glenn Close has dominated in the American awards, most notably winning at the SAG Awards. And Whilst Olivia Colman did take the BAFTA home the SAG Awards just tend to carry more sway in Oscar predictions due to the overlap in voting bodies. The only thing that may swing towards Colman is just how delightful and charming she has been in her acceptance speeches so far, and The Academy may want to get in on that action. Although this is still unlikely.
Will Win: Glenn Close
Most Likely Upset: Olivia Colman
Should Win: Toni Collette… I mean Olivia Colman

Best Supporting Actor:
I have seen some suggestions that Mahershala Ali will miss out because he won an Oscar incredibly recently for Moonlight, but honestly I don’t really see who else will be the one to upset him. All give great performances, and even the likes of Timothee Chalamet have ended up missing out because of how strong the year has been. But Ali has been making a clean sweep during awards season, and that makes him the closest thing to a lock that we have on the night.
Will Win: Mahershala Ali
Most Likely Upset: Richard E. Grant
Should Win: Mahershala Ali

Best Supporting Actress:
Regina King’s award season has seemed to be all or nothing so far. She’s won nearly ever award that she’s been nominated for so far, but there have also been several big awards that she didn’t even get a nomination such as the SAG Awards and the BAFTAs. Her not getting nominated at the SAG Awards should be a death blow, but Rachel Weisz, Emma Stone, and Amy Adams all failed to capitalise on this and lost out to Emily Blunt for Mary Poppins Returns. Whilst Weisz did win at the BAFTAs there is a big British bias there, and it still seems likely that her and Stone will split the vote for The Favourite.
Will Win: Regina King
Most Likely Upset: Rachel Weisz
Should Win: Rachel Weisz

Best Original Screenplay:
Another award that I thought would be ending up with Roma. And whilst it didn’t take home the victory at the WGAs that was instead won by Bo Burnham’s screenplay for Eighth Grade. But given Eighth Grade’s complete shutout at the Oscars this really shouldn’t have much impact. However Green Book actually took the Best Screenplay award at the Globes, and The Favourite won at the BAFTAs. Honestly all of that has left the Original Screenplay award wide open, so in the end I’ve just gone for The Favourite, I feel as though there’s some momentum there for the screenplay, and isn’t really with the rest.
Will Win: The Favourite
Most Likely Upset: Green Book
Should Win: The Favourite

Best Adapted Screenplay:
I must admit that I was completely torn between both BlacKkKlansman and If Beale Street Could Talk for this award before the WGAs, but then they threw a spanner in the works and Can You Ever Forgive Me claimed the top prize instead. In the end I will probably lean towards BlacKkKlansman because this could be the Academy’s chance to award Spike Lee a (well deserved) legacy award.
Will Win: BlacKkKlansman
Most Likely Upset: Can You Ever Forgive Me
Should Win: If Beale Street Could Talk

Best Animated Feature Film:
Not until the Golden Globes kicked off award season did we really believe that Spider-Verse really stood a chance over the might of Disney and Pixar. It seemed as though Incredibles 2 was the nailed on favourite, but since then Spider-Verse has claimed nearly every award possible, including a clean sweep of all 7 awards it was nominated for at the Annies (the awards handed out by the Hollywood branch of the International Animated Film Association). It will be a well deserved win for a film that really pushed the limits of what animation could do.
Will Win: Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse
Most Likely Upset: The Incredibles 2
Should Win: Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

Best Foreign Language Film:
Given that it is a heavy favourite for the top prize it seems like Roma has to be the favourite here. But it is hard to ignore that both Cold War and Never Look Away have been nominated in other categories, and that may lead the Academy members to want to recognise one of them in the Foreign Language Category when Roma is likely to perform well elsewhere. What is sad is that the brilliant Shoplifters, easily one of the best films last year is likely to be completely ignored, when I believe it should be winning.
Will Win: Roma
Most Likely Upset: Cold War
Should Win: Shoplifters

Best Documentary – Feature:
I think the big talk around the Best Documentary category has been about what wasn’t nominated. There were three hugely acclaimed and popular documentaries last year and the fact that Won’t You Be My Neighbour and Three Identical Strangers weren’t nominated has left Free Solo in a great position to claim the prize.
Will Win: Free Solo
Most Likely Upset: Minding The Gap
Should Win: N / A

Best Original Score:
I honestly think the Original Score category is a bit of a mess. You Were Never Really Here, First Man, and A Quiet Place all missed out on nominations when it could certainly be argued they deserve them. Of what is left there are certainly some great scores, and it looks like Ludwig Göransson’s score for Black Panther will come out on top. Personally given the snubbing of the three I mentioned I would like to see Nicholas Britell’s gorgeous score for If Beale Street Could Talk win.
Will Win: Black Panther
Most Likely Upset: Isle of Dogs
Should Win: If Beale Street Could Talk

Best Original Song:
Forget anything else I said was a lock. Nothing comes close to how much of a lock ‘Shallow’ from A Star Is Born is. Not only has it had a tonne of radio play, but it would be an award for Lady Gaga, and I’m sure a lot of the Academy voters would like to see that. Personally the only song that I like of the bunch is ‘The Place Where The Lost Things Go’ from Mary Poppins Returns, so that would be my pick.
Will Win: ‘Shallow’ – A Star Is Born
Most Likely Upset: ‘All The Stars’ – Black Panther
Should Win: ‘The Place Where The Lost Things Go’ – Mary Poppins Returns

Best Production Design:
All of the nominees in Production Design are actually very strong this year, brilliant realising the times and worlds of the films. I think the winner has to be The Favourite though. The superb realisation of Queen Anne’s court is just stunning, and will probably help The Favourite claim this one.
Will Win: The Favourite
Most Likely Upset: Roma
Should Win: The Favourite

Best Cinematography:
Alfonso Cuarón may well have spent the majority of his career working with cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, but his first foray into doing his own cinematography has proved to be a masterstroke. Nearly every shot in Roma could be a painting. He produced some of the most stunning shots of this year and is fully deserving of claiming the Best Cinematography award at his first attempt.
Will Win: Roma
Most Likely Upset: Cold War
Should Win: Roma

Best Makeup And Hairstyling:
For some reason the Makeup and Hairstyling award is always the smallest with only three nominees once again. Of the three Mary Queen of Scots seems like the best bet, although for their elaborate and flashy makeup and hairstyling. What probably won’t win, but should, is Border. I don’t really want to tell you why because it ruins a big twist in the film, but the practical makeup effects are stunning.
Will Win: Mary Queen of Scots
Most Likely Upset: Vice
Should Win: Border

Best Costume Design:
The have been several films with beautiful costume work this year. The Favourite and Mary Queen of Scots both appeal to the historical kind of costumes that the Academy tends to go for, and The Favourite will probably come out on top. But for me this should be Black Panther’s category. The vibrancy and colour on display was gorgeous, and the different Wakandan tribes all had distinctive looks thanks to the brilliant costume work.
Will Win: The Favourite
Most Likely Upset: Mary Queen of Scots
Should Win: Black Panther

Best Film Editing:
This seems like a toss up between Vice and Bohemian Rhapsody for what will win, Vice seems to be the main choice, especially as it won at the BAFTAs, but given that Bohemian Rhapsody is about 50% just montages the editing is very conspicuous and in your face, and that could mean that it’s very noticable for the voters. But I’m going to lean on the side of Vice given the Academy clearly like Adam McKay’s style with these prestige films, and Hank Corwin edited both Vice and The Big Short in a similar style.
Will Win: Vice
Most Likely Upset: Bohemian Rhapsody
Should Win: Vice

Best Visual Effects:
It’s a solid selection of films up for Best Visual Effects, and whilst the effects in Goodbye Christopher Robin and First Man are excellent they may not be flashy enough for the voters to recognise them. Of what is left this will probably be seen as a chance to reward Infinity War for being the highest grossing film of last year. In reality the award should probably go to Ready Player One given that they created an entirely new world (Although Aquaman and Mortal Engines did similar feats and weren’t even nominated).
Will Win: Avengers: Infinity War
Most Likely Upset: Ready Player One
Should Win: Ready Player One

Best Sound Editing:
I have to admit to not really having a clue who will win the sound awards, but Bohemian Rhapsody won the merged Best Sound category at the BAFTAs, and that’s as good an indicator as any.
Will Win: Bohemian Rhapsody
Most Likely Upset: First Man
Should Win: A Quiet Place

Best Sound Mixing:
It’s seems to be wildly inconsistent as to whether the sound awards are split as in the awards for 2016, 2014, and 2012 or both go to the same film. So I’m going to go with different films, and hope the Academy sees that First Man deserves something.
Will Win: First Man
Most Likely Upset: Bohemian Rhapsody
Should Win: First Man

Best Live Action Short Film:
From what I’ve gathered from the synopsises these are meant to be a pretty bleak collection of shorts. The only one that it seems like won’t be winning is Detainment, which has garnered a lot of bad press for not consulting the family of James Bulger. Of the rest I’ll go with Marguerite based on the fact that it sounds like the least depressing of the bunch.
Will Win: Marguerite
Most Likely Upset: N / A
Should Win: N / A

Best Animated Short Film:
Its Pixar, That gives in the name recognition, and that is normally what carries the shorts through.
Will Win: Bao
Most Likely Upset: N / A
Should Win: N / A

Best Documentary – Short Subject:
Just going to randomly pick End Game because it shares a name with the next Avengers film. I know it’s very trivial reasoning around a very hard and emotional topic, but I’ve got nothing else.
Will Win: End Game
Most Likely Upset: N / A
Should Win: N / A