The Lego Movie was a big surprise hit. Not only in terms of financially, but the fact that it was good, when this could easily have been an Emoji Movie level of disaster. But what we got was one of the most charming animated films of the year. After a couple of spinoffs we finally got back to the core story revolving around Emmet Brickowski and Wyldstyle.

The first film garnered huge praise for its original and unique storytelling, particularly when it came to this incredibly heartfelt father and son story set in the real world that meshed perfectly with the story that was being told in the Lego world. The meshing of these two stories is ratcheted up even further in The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, with a focus on the relationship between the main kid from the first film and his sister, which is every bit as, if not more, moving and touching than the first.

In large part this is because despite stepping away as the directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller stayed on as writers. This means that the film keeps its meta commentary, typical Lord and Miller tone, and general atmosphere that made the original Lego Movie so special. I do think that the jokes are not quite as effective this time around, with the laugh count being dialed back a touch for me, but The Lego Movie 2 more than makes up for this with its heartfelt story.

The voice cast is superb, with Chris Pratt shining yet again as Emmet, and in a dual role that I don’t want to spoil. It is a shame that Will Arnett as Batman is less prevalent in the first film, and Will Ferrell even more so. But the new additions are great. Tiffany Haddish and Stephanie Beatriz, are the big additions, whilst British comedy fans will be excited to hear the voices of Richard Ayoade and Noel Fielding. There is also a hilarious cameo from Bruce Willis, in what is probably the funniest moment in the film.

The big noticeable change is that after the big success of ‘Everything Is Awesome’ from the first film there was a big increase in the music numbers and songs. Most noticeably there is a deliberately annoying yet catchy song, suitably titled ‘Catchy Song’ as well as a reimagining of the original’s song, ‘Everything’s Not Awesome’. The best song though has to be ‘Super Cool’ a collaboration between Beck, Robyn, and The Lonely Island set over the credits in which The Lonely Island extol the virtues of the credit sequence. It’s very funny, and makes the credits well worth staying for.

Overall The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part feels just distinct enough from the original in order to work on its own merits. It has its own story around family, but still retains all the heart of the first. If The Lego Movie was a film you were a fan of you’re probably going to like the second.