I’m going to be doing a lot of talking about my favourite films of the year tomorrow, but for today I want to get into some of the best individual moments of the year as I count down my Top 10 Scenes of the year. As always I would love to hear what your favourite scenes of the year were in the comments. Warning as there will be SPOILERS AHEAD for some of the films mentioned.

10) Domino’s Luck (Deadpool 2) – Luck isn’t a superpower right, as DP himself says “It’s hard to picture, and not very cinematic”. But boy did David Leitch manage to make luck look cinematic. The sequence, on the back of the film’s funniest, is epic in scale and a really perfect introduction to Domino in action, and just how badass she can be. Deadpool 2 may have got lost a little in the vast number of great films this year, but the Domino sequence should get remembered as one of the best.

9) Bathtub birth (A Quiet Place) – The moment in A Quiet Place that had everyone talking was certainly the bathtub sequence. It is right up there as one of the tensest moments of the year. The direction from John Krasinski is amazing, Emily Blunt is exceptional, and Marco Beltrami’s score helps ratchet up the tension. I don’t want to spoil how the scene turns out for those who haven’t seen it, but even watching it at home not at the cinema this was a gripping scene.

8) The Moon (First Man) – It’s a moment from First Man that almost certainly didn’t happen, but it was a moment of real power and beauty. The entirety of First Man is a balance between the epic scale of the space race, and a more intimate personal story of Neil Armstrong. Nowhere is that juxtaposition more prominent than the Moon sequence as we get to see this epic achievement of human endeavour, but Damien Chazelle also takes the time to focus on Armstrong and his deceased daughter. In a film that many people accused of being cold, this was a moment that brought me to tears.

7) Is this your King (Black Panther) – Black Panther’s final fight between T’Challa and Killmonger May have been a disappointment, but the first fight they had as part of Wakanda’s ritual combat to become king. Ryan Coogler’s direction and the fight choreography are great, but it is Michael B Jordan’s rage filled performance, culminating in the epic line “Is this You King?” that really secured this scene as one of the greatest of the year.

6) Opening Chase (Mortal Engines) – For scale and epic cinematic storytelling nothing this year (not even the battle sequences of Infinity War or Aquaman) comes close to the opening chase sequence of Mortal Engines. It feature a small mining city attempting to escape for the giant predator city London. This was something the like of which I’d never dreamed of seeing on the big screen, even when reading the book when I was younger. It is staggering that Christian Rivers managed to bring this world to life, and it is all here in the first scene.

5) Soul Stone (Avengers: Infinity War) – There was a huge amount of speculation about where the soul stone would be, but I don’t think anyone could have imagined that the actual sequence would be the moment that humanised Thanos the most throughout the film. It was heartbreaking to see him realise that he had to sacrifice the thing he loves most, and that he still truly loved his daughter Gamora. Brolin and Saldana are superb in this scene, and brought me to tears. In a film with such huge scale, it was this much more intimate and personal moment that stole the film for me.

4) Scare Bear (Annihilation) – The creature, affectionately named the ‘scare bear’ but fans from Annihilation is not only an incredible idea for a monster, but absolutely terrifying. In a year that has had some great horror films, nothing has been tender and more chilling that scare bear sequence. My only issue with this scene is that I wish it had been available to watch in cinemas, but even watching is at home on Netflix, it was something special.

3) Death Dance (Suspiria) – Luca Guadagnino’s remake of Suspiria is a beautiful blood soaked nightmare, and nowhere is that more true than Olga’s death. After storming out of rehearsals Olga finds herself trapped, meanwhile Susie leads a dance that physically tortures the trapped Olga. The raw ferocity of the powerful in itself, but the horrific injuries that it is inflicting on Olga makes it haunting. Even if you didn’t love Suspiria, the dance sequence has to have affected you and will stick in your mind.

2) Bathroom Brawl (Mission Impossible: Fallout) – The scene that had everyone talking about Mission Impossible: Fallout before the film ever hit cinemas was of course shot where Henry Cavill’s August Walker reloads his arms during a fight in a bathroom. However when we finally got to see the film the entire film proved to be such an incredible action sequence. There were a lot of other great moments in the film, but this is the one that really stayed in my mind.

1)Leap Of Faith (Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse) – Miles Morales journey in Into The Spider-Verse is one where he is learning the lesson that anyone can be Spider-Man. He’s a set of ideals. The sequence where Miles truly becomes Spider-Man is the leap of faith. Now only is it an incredible emotional climax for the film, but it contains some of the most visually stunning shots that I have ever seen at the cinema. It’s a scene that manages to inspirational, powerful, and moving as well as gorgeous to look at, and brilliantly innovative and original. As soon as I saw Into The Spider-Verse I knew there wouldn’t be any competition for my favourite scene of the year, because even in one of the most consistently brilliant films of 2018 this moment stood out head and shoulders above the rest.