A Ghost Story is David Lowery’s supernatural drama film following a man, C, played by Casey Affleck who becomes a Ghost, visually represented as a bed sheet with black holes for eyes, following his death. He finds himself unable to be seen by the living and is tied to the house he and his girlfriend M (Rooney Mara) shared. The film is very much a reflection on the nature of grief, loneliness, and the process of moving on, told in a complete unique and original way.

A Ghost Story will not be everyone’s kind of film; it will definitely put some people off with its pace that varies between extremely slow, and rapidly moving. The slow pace is particularly prevalent early on, there’s one 3 to 4 minute scene of M eating pie that’s is a struggle to get through. But the way the passing of time varies for C is brilliantly done. Some scenes, particularly around M, drag for C whilst at other times years pass nearly an instantly.

If you want to invest in something completely different and original then A Ghost Story is a film well worth watching. Unlike most ghost films it is more consumed by and evokes sadness than pushing fear. It can take a little time to truly get into it, but once you do A Ghost Story is a genuinely remarkable piece of filmmaking by David Lowery.