Spoilers Ahead.

Jaime and Bronn emerge from the Blackwater Rush where Bronn rebukes him for his stupidity. Bronn also tells him that dragons are where their partnership ends. As Tyrion surveys the desolation of Drogon’s attack the remaining Lannister soldiers are walked over to Daenerys who tells them to join her or die. Randyll and Dickson Tarly refuse, Randyll tells Dickon to bend the knee but he still refuses and Drogon burns both alive. The rest bend the knee, but Tyrion looks on in horror.

Tyrion and Davos arrive at King’s Landing where Davos goes to deal with his own business. Bronn tricks Jaime into meeting with Tyrion. Tyrion defends killing Tywin, and brings the message that of suspending hostilities to fight the northern war against the army of the dead.

In Flea Bottom Davos finds Gendry working as a blacksmith. Gendry is prepared to leave with Davos. As they return to the boat they’re spotted where Davos talks their way out of it, unfortunately that is right as Tyrion returns forcing Gendry to kill them.

Jaime relays Tyrion’s message about Daenerys meeting to discuss an armistice. Cersei reveals she already knew about the meeting, and distrusts Tyrion despite learning that it was Olenna who poisoned Joffrey. She also tells Jaime that’s she’s pregnant and she will admit that Jaime is the father.

Daenerys and Drogon return, and Jon gets his first close encounter with a dragon, hinting at his Targaryen heritage as Drogon allows Jon to pet him. She asks Jon about what Davos meant by “a knife through the heart”. Ser Jonah returns to Daenerys’ service having being cured of greyscale.

Tyrion and Varys discuss what happens. Tyrion sounds like he’s trying to talk himself into believing that it was ok, and Varys tells him that he used to use the same defence when he served the Mad King. Jon reads the scroll from Winterfell informing him of the return of Arya and Bran, but also the White Walker’s march towards the Wall. Jon tells Daenerys he must return and that the North will fight with the men they have. Tyrion suggests bringing one of the dead back to convince Cersei that the threat is real. Tyrion says that Jaime must listen to him, and that Davis could smuggle one in. Jorah volunteers to find a Walker and Jon says he will go with them.

Davos and Gendry return where Gendry introduces himself, against Davos’ advice, and asks to come with Jon. Jon and his men then leave with Jorah.

Beyond the wall the army of the dead continues to march something that Bran sees whilst wargged into a raven, and asks for ravens to be sent out.

At Winterfell there is some discontent with Jon and the Lords of the North praise Sansa, although she insists that Jon is the King. Arya says that they should just behead any Northern Lord who shows descent.

Arya spies on Littlefinger as he sneaks around meeting with people such as Glover and Royce. She then breaks into his room and finds an old scroll from Sansa, but Littlefinger sees this hidden in the shadows.

At the Citadel the maesters debate the raven from Bran. Sam tells them that he had let Bran travel beyond the wall, and that the maesters should trust the raven. He proposes that the archmaester advise all the lords of Westeros to send men to the wall to mount it’s defence and seek scrolls on the long night for information. The archmaester tells him that it could be done, but it may be a ploy from Daenerys. He promises Sam that he will write back asking for further clarification. The archmaester tells the others that he hasn’t had the heart to tell Sam about his father and brother’s death yet.

Gilly finds information about Prince Rhaegar Targaryen’s annulment and subsequent secret marriage in Dorne, which Sam ignores out of frustration with the work. He once again breaks into the restricted section before leaving the Citadel with the stolen scrolls and books.

Jon arrives at Eastwatch-by-the-Sea, where Tormund tries to talk Jon out of going beyond the Wall. Jon is brought to the jails where Tormund has captured The Hound, Thoros, and Beric. Gendry tells Jon not to trust them as they sold him out when he was with The Brotherhood, whilst Tormund and Jorah are hostile toward one another. Jon settles the arguments by saying they’re all on the same side as they’re all breathing. The episode ends with the group leaving Eastwatch to journey beyond the wall.

It was always going to be hard for Eastwatch to live up to the previous few episodes that had come before, and it doesn’t. But it was still a very strong episode despite the lack of a huge spectacle moment. The bulk of the episode was centered on Tyrion and Davos’ trip to King’s Landing and the deal they attempt to make so that they can fight the army of the dead. The meeting between Jaime and Tyrion was really cool, but it was the return of Gendry that made it. He was one of my favourite characters before he disappeared, and the little reference to the Gendry having been rowing the whole time was a nice in-joke for some fans. The coming together of the characters that have to travel beyond the wall sets up what will potentially be some of the biggest set pieces of the season as they attempt to capture a warrior of the dead. Meanwhile Arya appears to be causing trouble in Winterfell. She clearly doesn’t understand the concept of ruling as she believes the likes of Glover and Royce should be beheaded for insulting Jon. Then the tension between her and Littlefinger investigating each other is setting up some potentially great confrontations coming up at Winterfell. There were a couple of other huge reveals in the episode. Firstly that Cersei is pregnant. We can also see how comfortable she is with her and Jaime’s relationship being open when she tells him that she will declare him to be the father. The other big reveal was the fact that Rhaegar Targaryen had his wedding to Elia Martell annulled and remarried, presumably to Lyanna Stark. What makes this so important is that in the R+L=J theory that was essentially confirmed in The Winds of Winter last season it would make Jon a legitimate Stark and Targaryen, rather than a bastard. So whilst Eastwatch didn’t have an epic battle scene to end off, there was plenty here. It looks like this season is going to be focused on fighting off the army of the dead, and next season could see Daenerys descend into becoming the Mad Queen if the hints from this episode are anything to go by.