I was away over the weekend so this week’s movie news roundup is a little late, but it is now here.

Mel Gibson in talks for Suicide Squad 2 – After his latest film, Hacksaw Ridge, earned wide critical acclaim, and the director himself an Oscar nomination, Mel Gibson is now being talked about as a possible candidate to direct the sequel to 2016’s Suicide Squad. David Ayer’s Suicide Squad really divided fans and critics, falling to a 26% Rotten Tomato score, but making just shy of $750 million worldwide. Talking to Entertainment Tonight Gibson said he had met people from Warner Brothers, and had discussed story points for the upcoming sequel. Whether this develops into anything further is still yet to be seen, but this would be a very bold move for Warner Brothers as Gibson remains just as a divisive figure as the first film.

Bumblebee Transformer Spin Off – The first attempt from the Transformers series to branch out into a wider universe of films has found its director. The man in question is Travis Knight, who directed last year’s Kubo and the Two Strings, a film that received huge critical acclaim, and a Best Animated Film Oscar has reportedly been signed on to direct the film. This would be Knight’s first foray into live action, but he would be taking on an established character, as Bumblebee has appeared in all the previous Transformers films.

Infinity War will have a record production budget – The upcoming two-part Marvel Cinematic Universe Avengers film, Infinity War is reportedly on track to be the most expensive film production of all time. The two films being shot back to back are currently being estimated to have a production budget of over $1 Billion. This would be a staggering amount of money for just the production budget of the two films, as it would not include all the marketing funds that would go alongside it. Given that the film’s co-director, Joe Russo, has previously stated that the film will have at least 67 characters in it, and that most of these actors will command very high salaries, it’s easy to see why the budget would have to be so high. But even so Captain America: Civil War only had a production budget of $250 million.

Deadpool 2 Teaser Released – The marketing team behind Deadpool released a short clip in front of some screenings of Logan. The clip doesn’t show anything that will be appearing in the future sequel, but is instead a comedy clip designed to keep audiences talking about the film until they are ready to release any Deadpool 2 footage. The teaser shows Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool attempting to do a Superman esq phone booth change costume change whilst a bystander is being attacked. It also features a cameo from one of the Marvel creators, and serial cameo star, Stan Lee. What did you think of the teaser? Let me know you’re thoughts on it, and everything else from this week’s news in the comments.