It was a quite week in the world of film, no major events, and certainly none that had a huge controversial event that will go down in history. Oh wait, its this week’s movie news roundup.

Moonlight wins Oscars Best Picture amid controversy – In a shocking upset at last night’s Oscars Moonlight surprised the heavy favourite La La Land to take the Best Picture award. However its win is mired in controversy as presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway accidentally read out La La Land as the winner, before the mistake was rectified in the middle of the speech. Huge credit has been paid to both the La La Land producers, especially Jordan Horowitz, and host Jimmy Kimmel who handled the situation incredibly well. Moonlight had received huge, near universal, acclaim from critics, but had failed to win the top prize and most of the big awards shows, meaning that most people had written off its chances on the night. Did you see the controversial moment? Do you think Moonlight deserved the win?

The Batman gets its director, and Nightwing in the works – After the news last week that the talks between Warner Brothers and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves had broken down there was a full u-turn this week as he suddenly was announced to be helming the project after all. This may mean that we could finally be hearing the end of the saga surrounding the film, Batman’s first stand alone in the DCEU, however rumours continue to quietly bubble about Ben Affleck’s commitment to the role after dropping out as director. Meanwhile, Deadline recent broke the news that the director of The LEGO Batman Movie, Chris McKay, is now in talks to direct a Nightwing film. After the huge success of the animated Batman movie for the Warner Animation Group its not hard to see why why Warner Brothers and DC want to bring him on board for one of their more major franchises.

David Thewlis to play Ares in Wonder Woman – It appears as though Wonder Woman has found its villain. The actor, who is probably best know for playing Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter franchise, has reportedly been cast as the Greek God of War, and long time Wonder Woman adversary Ares. The news comes from Batman News who have stated that multiple sources have told them about the casting. Wonder Woman will be the 4th installment in the DCEU and has a lot of pressure on it and Ares are poor reception of Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, especially their villains, last year. Wonder Woman arrives in cinemas in early June.

Hellboy III isn’t going to happen – A few weeks ago director Guillermo Del Toro asked his followers on Twitter for support for a meeting between himself, Hellboy actor Ron Perlman, and Hellboy creator Mike Mignola. Del Toro has now announced that that it won’t be happening. On Tuesday he tweeted:

“Hellboy 3 Sorry to report: Spoke w all parties. Must report that 100% the sequel will not happen. And that is to be the final thing about it”

It’s still not clear whether the talks fell apart due to creative differences in where the sequel should go, or if they were unable to secure any studio backing. But one thing is for sure, Hellboy’s Trilogy will never be complete.

La La Land takes home the most Oscars on the night – Everyone is obviously talking about the huge mix up at the end of the night, but there were plenty of awards being handed out. And whilst it may not have claimed the big prize, La La Land is leaving the Academy Awards with the most Oscars of any film, 6. Moonlight only took home 3, but they were big awards; Best Supporting Actor, Best Adapted Screenplay, and of course Best Picture. Manchester By The Sea and Hacksaw Ridge each took home two awards on the night.
The acting categories were well spread out with Casey Affleck (MBTS), Emma Stone (La La Land), Mahershala Ali (Moonlight), and Viola Davis (Fences) claiming the awards. Damien Chazelle took home the best Best Director statue, whilst Zootopia and OJ: Made in America won for Animated and Documentary film respectively. On of the big moments of the night was The Salesman’s win in Foerign Language film, after the director of each film was initial unable to attend due to President Trump’s travel ban, and later boycotted the event when he was given special permission. The speech read on his behalf was just one of many reference to the new President, including host Jimmy Kimmel tweeting him “hey u up?” during the ceremony, which has been retweeted over 240,000 times. You can find the full list of winners here.