It’s that time of year, its the Oscars. So its time to make my Oscar predictions. Now I haven’t seen every film nominated in every category (you can find a full list here) so there is a fair amount of guess work going on here. In every category I’ve picked who or what I think will win, and in most of them I’ve also picked what I think should would. This will only include the nominees in each category, and if you want to see what I think the biggest snubs were, they you can find that here.

Best Picture: There isn’t much competition for the big award this year. At one stage it looked like we could be in for an interesting tussle between La La Land, Moonlight, and even Manchester By the Sea. But as La La Land has swept the top prize at numerous award ceremonies you can’t see past it for the win. But as much as I love La La Land (and it is my favourite) I think the Oscars are about celebrating the best films, and for me there hasn’t been a better film than Moonlight this year.
Prediction: La La Land
My Pick: Moonlight

Best Actor: I’ve found Best Actor the hardest to predict. I thought Casey Affleck had it sewn up when I saw Manchester By the Sea, but it has been close battles between him and Denzel Washington throughout awards season. In the end I’m going for Washington based purely on his SAG Award victory, as this has been an extremely reliable predictor in the past. From a personal point of view I still think that Affleck’s performance is slightly better, but it’s a close one.
Prediction: Denzel Washington
My Pick: Casey Affleck

Best Actress: This is another category where the winner seems to be becoming an easier pick. The buzz around most of the performances has died down, leaving Emma Stone as the clear favourite. Isabelle Huppert is the only person I could see stealing it given her Golden Globes win, but it is hard to ignore Stone. I haven’t gotten the opportunity to see either Elle or Loving yet, so of the three I’d go for Stone as well, but Amy Adams should be nominated and in my eyes should win as well.
Prediction: Emma Stone
My Pick: Emma Stone

Best Supporting Actor: Mahershala Ali has been making an inevitable march towards this one. With the exception of the BAFTA Awards, where I think being British helped Dev Patel out, he’s made a pretty clean sweep of it. And whilst I will not at all be upset if Ali does win, I’d give my vote to Patel. I think he’s actual a lead actor in Lion, but given that he’s been allowed into the Supporting Actor category I can’t use that against him.
Prediction: Mahershala Ali
My Pick: Dev Patel

Best Supporting Actress: This is probably the most locked down category. No one has really been talking about anyone other than Viola Davis for this one. And whilst I think that Naomi Harris and Michelle Williams are brilliant, Viola Davis’ performance is absolutely extraordinary.
Prediction: Viola Davis
My Pick: Viola Davis

Best Director: If Tom Ford had been nominated in place of Mel Gibson then I this would have been the strongest field for me. Despite all that talent, and brilliant work that has come from this category Chazelle is the obvious pick here, especially after winning the DGA, Golden Globe, and BAFTA. La La Land is brilliantly directed film and he managed to balance a heartbreaking love story, and tribute to old Hollywood musicals, and a film about chansing your dreams.
Prediction: Damien Chazelle
My Pick: Damien Chazelle

Best Foreign Language Film: Here’s a category where I’ve got to go with the only film I know, and in this case that is Toni Erdman.
Prediction: Toni Erdman
My Pick: Toni Erdman

Best Animated Feature Film: Zootopia looks like it is currently the frontrunner for the Animated category. The Academy is fan of Disney, their films frequently win, and Zootopia’s anti racism message will probably play into the academy voter’s sensibilities. I’d much rather see Moana or Kubo and the Two Strings, or even the completely snubbed Your Name, take the award, and whilst Kubo could be an outside bet, my money is on Zootopia.
Prediction: Zootopia
My Pick: Kubo and the Two Strings

Best Documentary Feature: I haven’t seen OJ: Made In America, but I have heard that it’s a fantastic Documentary, and that seems to be the film with the hype around it. 13th is a great Documentary about race and the American Justice system by Ava DuVernay that can be found on Netflix, and would be my pick.
Prediction: OJ: Made In America
My Pick: 13th

Best Original Screenplay: Along with Best Actor this was the other incredibly tough 50/50 decision to be made. It’s a very hard decision between La La Land and Manchester By The Sea. Manchester took Original Screenplay at the BAFTAs, whilst La La Land won for Best Screenplay at the Golden Globes. Whilst La La Land’s Screenplay isn’t one of its stronger aspects virtually no films win Best Picture without a Best Screenplay victory. It is a really tough decision by I’ve gone for Manchester By The Sea in the end, just because musicals don’t have a great track record in Screenplay categories. On a personal level I think that Kenneth Lonergan’s screenplay is by far the stand out in the category and deserves it.
Prediction: Manchester By The Sea
My Pick: Manchester By The Sea

Best Adapted Screenplay: Adapted Screenplay is another very strong category, but I think this is where the Academy will reward Barry Jenkins and Moonlight as I think he will miss out Best Film and Director. It would also be a completely deserving win for Jenkins, as his Screenplay is beautifully told and very powerful.
Prediction: Moonlight
My Pick: Moonlight

Best Original Song: La La Land really didn’t need to be nominated twice for Best Original Song, especially as Sing Street and Drive It Like You Stole It was snubbed. I also think that La La Land has been helped by the fact that that How Far I’ll Go is only the 3rd or 4th best song from Moana, and doesn’t really come close to the La La Land picks. City of Stars has been the general favourite at other award ceremonies like the Golden Globes or the BAFTAs, so I’m going for that over Audition.
Prediction: City of Stars
My Pick: City of Stars

Best Original Score: Score feels like another cut and dry category. The music is such a pivotal part of La La Land, and use of the characters themes and motifs from the songs are so crucial throughout the film.
Prediction: La La Land
My Pick: La La Land

Best Cinematography: The general consensus seems to be that La La Land is the favourite to take home the Cinematography award. Linus Sandgren won at the BAFTAs and the film looks great. But despite that I don’t think it’s any better than the cinematography on Silence or Moonlight. In the end I think I would lean towards Silence with this one, as the cinematography was the best aspect of that film for me.
Prediction: La La Land
My Pick: Silence

Best Visual Effects: The only thing in The Jungle Book that wasn’t visual effects is the young boy who played Mowgli, there really doesn’t need to be anything else said about it, its genuinely revolutionary.
Prediction: The Jungle Book
My Pick: The Jungle Book

Best Costume Design: I’m not a huge fan of Jackie, but it has to be said that the Costumes were fantastic in the film. They were one of the things about the film that really caught my attention. It won at the BAFTAs, and seems likely to win again at the Oscars, although La La Land is always going to be a contender.
Prediction: Jackie
My Pick: Jackie

Best Makeup and Hairstyling: I haven’t seen A Man Called Ove, but purely from images there isn’t anything striking about the hair or makeup. Of the other two I can’t actually see voters giving an award to Suicide Squad, even though I think it is actually the most deserving of the award out of the three. And I just think it would be hilarious for Suicide Squad to become an Oscar winning film.
Prediction: Star Trek Beyond
My Pick: Suicide Squad

Best Film Editing: Again La La Land is probably going to end up taking the award just because of the momentum that the film has behind it. Personally I’d give it to Arrival, but that and Hacksaw Ridge don’t have history on their side if La La Land does, as seems inevitable, win Best Picture.
Prediction: La La Land
My Pick: Arrival

Best Production Design: This seems like another category where La La Land will probably end up winning. Fantastic Beasts won at the BAFTAs, but I feel like that was to reward a British film, so I don’t think it will beat La La Land at the Oscars. I would like to see Hail, Caesar! take it, that film perfectly captured the look of old Hollywood, and I’d like to see it get some recognition from the Oscars.
Prediction: La La Land
My Pick: Hail, Caesar!

Best Sound Mixing: From what I can tell La La Land and Hacksaw Ridge are the two films to beat in the sound categories, and when nominated musicals perform well in Sound Mixing, so I think La La Land taking home this one.
Prediction: La La Land

Best Sound Editing: From what I can tell La La Land and Hacksaw Ridge are the two films to beat in the sound categories, and war films tend to do well in the Editing category so I’m going for Hacksaw Ridge here.
Prediction: Hacksaw Ridge

Best Live Action Short: I haven’t seen any of the Live Action Shorts, but looking at the summaries of them Ennemis intérieurs sounds like a good bet to win, particularly in the current political climate.
Prediction: Ennemis intérieurs

Best Animated Short: I have actually seen both Piper and Borrowed Time in this category, but I’m going for the lovely and beautifully animated short Piper. It will probably have been seen by more of the Academy voters given that it was shown in front of the mega hit Finding Dory. And that could give it the edge.
Prediction: Piper

Best Documentary Short: Much like the Live Action Short category I haven’t seen any of the Documentary Shorts. But three of them are about the Syrian Civil War and refugees, which seems like a topic that’s likely to make them appeal to the voter. Of these three I’m going to predict The White Helmets, about Volunteer Rescue Workers.
Prediction: The White Helmets

Who do you think is going to win big at this year’s Oscars? Just how many awards will the record equalling La La Land be walking away with? Let me know in the comments.