Ghost in the Shell is the American live action remake of the classic 1995 Japanese anime. The second full trailer dropped recently as we build up to the film’s release at the end of March.

And the first thing that stood out in the trailer is that the film is really eye catching with some stunning visuals. It’s done a great job of capturing that distinctive style that Ghost in the Shell, which in turn went on to be a huge influence on directors like the Wachowskis. And it’s easy to now draw ties between this teaser and a film like The Matrix. It also looks as though it has done a great job bringing the futuristic world of the anime original.

And you can see a lot of the iconic scenes from the original are being recreated here. There’s the roof dive, the water fight, and the tank, which are all scenes that you will recognise if you have seen the original. At the same time there is also new material going on here. This trailer introduces a villain in this remake, someone who only appears in the extended universe of Ghost in the Shell.

I still really wish that the film had cast a Japanese actress as the lead of the film. But given how great this trailer looks visually, and how they are walking the line between faithfulness to the original and new material, I do think that this could be a great brake out Science Fiction film.