Its time for this week’s roundup of the news stories that caught my attention this week.

Pierce Brosnan in Deadpool sequel? – Pierce Brosnan may be portraying Cable in the sequel to the 2016 smash hit Deadpool. The post credit scene, done in the style of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, first announced that Cable would be appearing in the second installment and speculation has been raging since then as to who will play the character. Stephen Lang and Ron Perlman have been two of the most talked about options, but now it seems as though former James Bond star Brosnan may be the man picked for the role. Both Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds and Wolverine star Hugh Jackman posted photos of the pair of them with Brosnan with the captions ‘Wolverine Bond Deadpool’. Most people are taking this to mean that he will be filling the role of Cable, although this has yet to be confirmed by Fox Studios. Do you think that Brosnan will be playing Cable in the upcoming Deadpool sequel? And if so do you think this would be a good casting choice?

Del Toro seeks Twitter’s support for Hellboy III – Guillermo Del Toro, and everyone involved with the Hellboy franchise, have long had a desire to complete the third installment in the trilogy, the problem has always been funding the project. But now it seems that Del Toro is ready to make a big push in ensuring that the film happens. He took to Twitter last Wednesday asking for people’s thoughts on Hellboy III with the options ‘Yes’ and ‘Hell, yes’. He then followed this up with the promise that if the poll received 100,000 votes within 24 then he would have a “serious sit down with Mignola et Perlman” referring the character’s creator Mike Mignola and the actor who played him Ron Perlman. The poll achieved the 100,000 in well under the 24 hours, which means that we may be one step closer to Hellboy III becoming a reality. Is a third Hellboy film something you’d want to see? Do you think it’s something that Del Toro, Perlman, et al will manage to get made?

Sir Patrick Stewart plays a Poop – Yes you read that correctly. Patrick Stewart star of stage and screen, known for playing iconic characters such as Star Trek’s Captain Picard and X-Men’s Professor X, is going to voice the poop emoji in the upcoming animated Emoji movie. He will be joining T. J. Miller, Ilana Glazer, James Cordon, and Maya Rudolph for the film. There’s no further information regarding his character or the storyline for the film, just who he will be playing. Do you think Patrick Stewart is a good pick for the Emoji movie? Do you care about this film at all?

Final trailers for Logan and Power Rangers – The final trailers for both the X-Men spinoff Logan and the first Power Rangers movie were released this week ahead of the film’s March release dates. Both trailers are available to see on YouTube, and my reaction to both of them is available here. Logan. Power Rangers. Are you excited for either of these films? Have these trailers changed your mind at all?

Black Adam stand alone film – When DC and Warner Brother announced their large slate of films way back in 2014 one of the big casting announcements was Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson as the Shazam villain Black Adam. This week it was announced that as well as appearing in Shazam Johnson would be appearing as Black Adam in his own stand-alone film. Given Johnson’s box office draw, having had some of the highest grossing films of the last two summers in San Andreas and Central Intelligence, this can hardly come as a shock. Are you interested in seeing Johnson and Black Adam in their own stand-alone film? Or do you think that DC should wait to see how he is received first?