The first Logan trailer really blew me away, and has a lot of people very excited for the film. It showed that this was going to focus far more on a character and emotionally driven story. But one of the complaints that some people I know had was that it was lacking in action.

Well if you were one of those worried about the amount of action in the film then those fears can be put to bed. What this final trailer does do is showcase some of what looks like very brutal and violent action that does appear to be earning the film’s R-Rating. But importantly what the film doesn’t show is too much of the story or plot. It gives just enough to hook you, but without spoiling too much of what we can expect in the film, a problem which really affected the marketing of Batman v Superman or Avengers: Age of Ultron.

What we can see from the film is that Logan will be trying to stop a young girl who idolises Wolverine from becoming like him. But what brings the characters together and what they are journeying to haven’t yet been revealed, nor any kind of indication of how the girl’s journey will go, but it’s clear that this is Logan’s chance at redemption for something we don’t know about yet.

The other that really struck me about the trailer is the interaction between the three central characters. We know that Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart play well off each other, but throwing Dafne Keen as the young mutant girl in there looks to be great. There also looks like there going to be that tiny bit of levity in there with Stewart’s “she’s eleven and I’m f***ing 90” line, which will help to balance out what is shaping up to be a highly emotional story.

This trailer was just about the perfect one they could have released. We get a sense of why this film is earning an R-Rating, some of the dynamics between the central characters, that same brilliant tone from the first trailer, and all without revealing too much. I cannot wait for this film, I can only hope it will live up to the promise of these trailers.