The first full trailer for Disney’s Live Action adaptation of their 1991 masterpiece Beauty and the Beast debuted yesterday. I think that the trailer had a really tough job because it has to appeal to people, like myself, who are big fans of the original, but also to draw in others and get them into the cinema.

The first and most striking thing about this trailer is that it is visually stunning. Even though I’d guess some of these effects aren’t finished, this film look beautiful. The effects of the CGI characters, and they way they have realised them to look more realistic, is so impressive. I was so worried about how they would make a speaking candlestick, clock, or teapot look in live action, but they’ve managed to avoid making them look like a joke. This was one of my biggest worries about the film and the trailer has really reassured me on that.

I’m not completely sold on the look of the Beast yet, I can’t quite place why but he doesn’t quite look right. But that may just be because this is a trailer, so often things are just sharpened up and more polished in the film theatrical release of the film.

The trailer used a lot of shots and images that are straight out of the original animated film. I’m fairly sure there will be differences, but this trailer seemed to be more interested in showing that this will have great reverence and respect for the original film. Look at the shots of the dance scenes, they could be straight from the animated film, and here they realised in full live action. As a fan you can see they know what was great about the original and are capturing it.

One thing the trailer hasn’t shown us yet is any of the music. A lot of the original music is confirmed to be in the film, along with some original songs, so we do know it’s there, but we are yet to get and kind of taste of it. I don’t want to end up with a Jungle Book scenario, where the actors weren’t great singers. Even though it works in that film, Beauty and the Beast needs vocal talent involved as this is some of the best Disney music.

Gaston as a villain looks a lot darker and more intimidating, but we only really see him from the end of the film. There may have been a brief shot from the number Gaston, but we really don’t get to see that lighter and campy side of the character. I think this may be to put it more in line with what we saw with Shere Kahn in The Jungle Book because that was such a huge across the board success.

As a fan this trailer has me completely on board. The film looks beautiful and that will go a long way to capturing the magic of the original film. We haven’t seen a lot from the cast yet, but I do like the casting choices they’ve made. I would be interested to hear about whether this has won over people who aren’t a fan of the original film, but this trailer has me very excited.