Keeping Up With The Joneses is a action comedy where two spies move into a quiet neighbourhood and end up getting their two suburban neighbours embroiled in their mission.

The cast for the film is excellent, Zach Galifianakis is a great comedian, Isla Fisher has a lot of charm, Jon Hamm is certainly suave enough to be a spy, and Gal Gadot is bona fide action star. There is also an appearance from Patton Oswalt who I’m a big fan of. When you consider what a talented cast, and how good they are as action stars or comedians, you would be left hopeful that the film would be good as well. Even more so when you consider that the film has a good premise. The suburban couple getting caught up with spies has a lot of potential for both good action set pieces and comedy.

However all of that goes to waste. First and foremost the film just isn’t funny. I think that there was only one occasion that I laughed during the whole film, and there wasn’t much laughter from anyone else in the cinema. Once again despite a lot of talent connected with the film the script is what lets them down. On the action film side it’s a fairly mediocre film. The plot doesn’t go to as interesting places as the premise could have allowed, and apart from one car chase there isn’t really any memorable set pieces.

On the whole Keeping Up With The Joneses just feels like a missed opportunity. It has the talented cast and a good premise, but falls completely flat, especially failing on the comedy side.