Storks is the new animated film from Warner Animation Group who previously brought us The Lego Movie. It follows a world where Storks formally delivered babies, but have now given that up to deliver parcels. That is until the one undelivered baby, who has grown up at the company, Tulip accidentally creates a baby and star delivery stork Junior (Andy Samberg) has to join with her to deliver it.

It’s a pretty fun, if a little silly, premise and allows for a lot of fairly standard hijinks to take place as they attempt to deliver the baby. We also get to see the family the baby is to be delivered to. 10-year-old Nate is bored with his parents constantly working, but in trying to build slides and extras for their house his parents finally spend some quality time with him. This is as close to something beyond the surface fun that the film comes to. But it’s just not as effective as the same message in The Lego Movie about the importance of spending time with your kids. But here it’s a fairly background aspect of the film.

There are quite a few good laughs in the film, probably more for children than the adults who will take them. The real highlight comes in the form of a pack of wolves, the Alpha and Beta of which are voiced by Keegan Michael-Key and Jordan Peele. The scenes with them are by far and away the funniest of the film, they were really that amusing side characters that work best in small doses.

Whilst the story gets very silly, especially towards the end, and doesn’t really have anything deeper than what you see on the surface, a very talented voice cast and some good humour makes this a fairly entertaining film, which children will certainly enjoy.