Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is the new comedy about two brothers, Mike (Adam DeVine) and Dave (Zac Efron), who continually ruin family events by show up stag. Their family tells them that they must bring dates to their sister’s wedding in Hawaii, and wind up taking two girl who are essentially the female versions of themselves, Alice (Anna Kendrick) and Tatiana (Aubrey Plaza).

And before I get into the film I have to say that I really like all four of these actors. Aubrey Plaza was hysterical in Parks and Recreation, whilst Kendrick and Efron are both really likeable actors who have made some good comedies before. Plaza and DeVine are both good at playing unlikable idiots, and that’s exactly what you get here. The problem is that they are two of the four main characters in the film, and so you really need them to be characters you care about, and just having popular actors in the role isn’t going make that happen.

I do like Kendrick and Efron in the film, their characters actually have a bit of heart even if they keep messing everything up, but really they were the only real redeeming part of the film for me. But the character development, especially on Mike and Tatiana is pretty poor. They have this sudden moment of wanting to be better people, but it’s so rushed, when at least the other two you could see it building.

But the major problem for me was that the film is just not funny enough. Now I know humour is very subjective, but the film barely elicited more than a chuckle from me at any point. It goes for lewd and rude humour, but that just isn’t outrageous enough for this to be a Borat. And then there just aren’t enough actual jokes or funny moments to sustain this film. Particularly when the story is a uncompelling as this is. I just didn’t particularly care about most of the characters in the film, something that wasn’t helped by how unrealistic and caricaturish they felt.

Mike and Dave Needs Wedding Dates is just not a good film. It’s not funny enough to succeed as a comedy, and the story and characters aren’t strong enough to save it as a film. I’m only stretching up to a 3 because I did quite like Kendrick and Efron, but pretty much nothing else about this film.