Clearly the film people have been desperate for is an animated film based upon an mobile app that was popular about 5 years ago, around the time most of the target audience of this film were conceived.

And if you have played the app then the very basic plot of the film will be clearly apparent to you. There are birds, pigs show up, pigs steal eggs, birds get angry and fling themselves at pig’s homes, and birds get their eggs back. Throw in an unpopular character who becomes the hero because of his actions and that’s pretty much your plot. They obviously get in a scene of what is essentially the game play.

The voice cast are all pretty good. Jason Sudeikis as the central character Red does a very good job as the lead, and he is ably supported by Josh Gad as Chuck and Danny McBride as Bomb. I also thought Peter Dinklage’s turn as Mighty Eagle is probably the funniest thing in the film, and manages to stand out.

But the humour in this film was a real mixed bag. Some of it is very much aimed at kids, and that’s fine it’s a kids film. But there was a lot of very crude humour, far more than I expected. I mean there was a full 30 to 40 second scene of someone peeing off a rock into a lake. There is a lot of pretty on the nose innuendo, it’s not subtle, there are spitting and swallowing jokes for goodness sake. I’m not averse to crude humour, things like South Park and Family Guy, but this was made for kids, so I do think I may be a little too far. Some of my favourite things in animated films are the smaller jokes and references that are scattered throughout. The highlight of the film for me was a brilliant Shinning reference. There are some other great jokes like a pig Latin one, or Kevin Bacon in Hamlet. But there just were not enough of these for me to laugh or be entertained through the whole film.

The Angry Birds movie will entertain kids. Whilst the game may still not be relevant anymore there are still enough jokes and slapstick humour to entertain them. But in the age of Pixar films, Disney films like Zootopia, or Dreamworks’ How To Train Your Dragon Franchise, that really isn’t enough anymore. Instead this falls into the Minions or Penguins of Madagascar category of vaguely entertaining, but with no depth behind it at all.