At the wall, continuing from where last week left off, and Jon’s alive! Obviously he’s a bit distressed to discover he’s been stabbed several times. Melisandre is concerned with what he saw after death. She very much seems to have once again found her faith. Ser Davos sums it up nicely, “you were dead and now you’re not, that’s completely f***ing mad to me”. Jon believed he failed, but Davos convinces him to go on. Tormund and Edd are amongst those to greet him in the courtyard.

Meanwhile on a boat somewhere, Sam and Gilly are headed to Old Town. Poor Sam is struggling with seasickness. Sam reveals he’s taking Gilly to his home at Horn Hill, as she wouldn’t be able to stay at the Citadel. It should be interesting to see Sam’s home; he has referenced his family before, and never seemed too positive about his father.

We also get more of Bran’s visions, this time Ned confronts Ser Arthur Dayne, the sword of the Morn, who Ned believes to be the best swordsman he’d seen. This is after Robert’s rebellion, as Ned looks for his sister. We see Ser Arthur take on four of Ned’s men at once, and it looks like Ned is about to loose when his one surviving man, Howland Reed, stabs him in the back allowing Ned to win. Bran is stopped from seeing what happens next, but not before Ned hears Bran’s call. This was a cool fight scene, and it’s great learning more about Ned’s past.

The khalasar arrives at Vaes Dothrak and Dany is taken to the other widows. The Khals will now judge Dany, as she should have returned after Drogo’s death, and could be facing death. Meanwhile Varys interrogates a Meereen woman, about her involvement with the Sons of the Harpy. Any scene with Tyrion is just so much fun, Peter Dinklage is just incredible, and his attempts to engage Grey Worm and Missandei. It is discovered that the masters from Danny’s previously captured cities are the ones financing the Sons of the Harpy.

We get to see some of Varys’ ‘little birds’ in Kings Landing, and they are revealed to be children. Cersei is taking control of them with the help of Qyburn; this is how she knows who was abusing her and who to take revenge on. We get to see the new small council consisting of Kevan Lannister, the Tyrell’s, and Maester Pycelle. Any chance to see Olenna, the Queen of Thorns is great. There is obvious tension between the small council and the Lannisters, yet more enemies for the Lannister list. Tommen tries to show some backbone to the High Sparrow, instead he finds himself getting a sermon, and he appears to be buying into it.

Arya’s training with the waif continues. Even Arya needs a montage guys. And she appears to be turning into small, female, no named, Daredevil. She has very much committed to being no one. It seemed at the end that she got her sight back, which would suggest she has truly embraced being a faceless one.

Ramsey tries to bring the support of House Umber; he brings Ramsey news of the Wildlings that Jon Snow brought south of the wall. Umber refuses to honour banner-men tradition and bow to Ramsey. He brings Osha and Rickon Stark as a gift for Ramsey, along with the head of Shaggydog.

Back with Jon at the Wall and he is preparing to execute four of the men who assassinated him. Alliser stands by his choice and appears content with his fate. He gives a big line about Jon having to fight his battles forever. Then Jon promptly hangs them. He hands control of Castle Black over to Edd, clearly feeling freed from his oath to the Nights Watch, which I would suggest death does do.

This was another strong early season episode. Obviously the pieces are being moved into place, but there was some big moves this episode. Jon has dealt with those who wronged him, and left his obligation to the Night’s Watch behind, that really frees up his story. He’s probably going to have to go to war with Ramsey. It poses two questions; will he managed to save Rickon? And do we really care if he saves Rickon? Seriously, I know people who forgot there was another Stark kid after Bran. Arya, the guys in Meereen, and Sam are all being moved forward or into place, whilst King Landing appears to be getting even messier with the return of the small council as another group the Lannisters are in a stand off against. And like I said, the more Olenna the better, no one produces burns like her. The best part of the episode for me was Bran’s vision. This was the explosion of action the episode needed to keep it from just becoming filler, and I love how close we’re getting to learning about Ned and his sister, aka the truth of what happened at, what I believe is called, the Tower of Joy. It was very much a tease, and as long as the show doesn’t leave us hanging too long then I am very excited for more of that.