This is the latest show from the people behind American Horror Story, and wow they did an amazing job. The People v OJ Simpson obviously follows the story of the trial of OJ Simpson for a double homicide. And this trial is so ridiculous, I’m not really sure how it hasn’t been made into a to show before now. So much happens during the trial, and it raised some huge social issues, that it deserves this in depth treatment.

Obviously the history of the trial is there for anyone to see, but one of the things that really impressed me was the show’s ability to be balanced in their portrayal of events, and not move into bias or picking a side. It was also a case that I didn’t know much about the case before I watched the show, and if that’s the case for you, you have to watch the show.

The next thing that has to be said about American Crime Story is that some of the acting performances are fantastic. Whilst not the biggest name of the cast Courtney B. Vance is absolutely the standout performer and Johnnie Cochran. He absolutely steals every scene that he is in. Sarah Poulson and Nathan Lane are also both excellent, as are many of the other cast members.

The show is so well constructed and filmed, the last episode in particular (possibly because it was the most recent that I saw) being shot so effectively. This was probably the most engrossing show that I have seen this year, from the first episode it got you hooked and had to keep watching, and the crew are a huge part of that, putting together the show in such a fantastic way.

This was such a surprise hit for me as I’m not usually a fan of ‘real-crime’ shows, but I would absolutely encourage everyone to watch American Crime Story: The People v OJ Simpson.