This is Quentin Tarantino’s first film since Django Unchained a couple of years ago. And after the far more action driven film we got there, this is Tarantino going back to more of his roots, with The Hateful Eight.

This has all the brilliant and engaging dialogue that we come to know from Tarantino, with this film especially reminiscent of his debut film, Reservoir Dogs. Reservoir Dogs is probably my favourite Tarantino film and this really expands on that formula. Setting a similar group of ‘hateful’ people into a confined environment and raising the tension as to who the ‘bad guy’ is. Obviously with Tarantino it isn’t that simple. While we mainly follow Samuel L Jackson’s character Marquis Warren as the principal lead, it is still clear that he is not a good guy.

Samuel L Jackson’s performance however is easily one of his best ever. I thought he had a hilarious supporting role in Django, but he betters that, and almost any other work he’s previously done. The fact the he was ignored for an Oscar nomination is ridiculous, as he stands out in a film bursting with great performances. Jennifer Jason Leigh, rightly deserves her nomination for her villainous performance as Daisy Domergue. Walton Goggins is also excellent as an extremely hard to pin down character, Chris Mannix.

When talking about The Hateful Eight you also have to mention Ennio Morricone’s score. It’s easily the best original score this year, and as with all great Tarantino films, is so important to the film. Really creating a brilliant atmosphere.

Overall another excellent Tarantino film, not quite up there with my favourites; Reservoir Dogs or Inglourious Basterds, but a great film nonetheless.