Deadpool is one of the most iconic modern Comic Book characters and he was absolutely butchered in his previous film appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. There was certainly enough in that film to suggest that Ryan Reynolds could do a good job here. The film was in development hell for quite a few years, but it eventually got green lit after a huge swell of fan support following some test footage being leaked. Reynolds and the marketing team really pushed the film hard with one of the best, most imaginative advertising campaigns I can remember. This all lead to a huge amount of hype surrounding the film and when I went on opening night I was excited, but also apprehensive that it couldn’t deliver.

So how did the film do? Well superbly is the only answer. Right from the opening credits, which were hilarious on their own, I was relaxed; knowing that the film completely got what the character was about. Overall this was one of the best cinema experiences I’ve ever had, with so many jokes that landed and some brilliant action sequences. It hit the perfect balance that could have easily been lost amongst the jokes. The film was also well structured, spreading the origin story, that many viewers are growing tired of, throughout the Deadpool action.

I was also surprised how well they managed to fit in the emotional love story between Ryan Reynold’s Wade Wilson (Deadpool’s alter ego) and Vanessa played by Morena Baccarin. You genuinely care about these characters, and there are some real emotional moments.

And as for Ryan Reynolds, this was absolutely the role that he was born to play, he wisecracks as well as anyone in Hollywood and this really gave him a chance to run away with the jokes. He’s hilarious, while still being likeable, and captures such a beloved character perfectly.

Deadpool isn’t perfect, the villains were very one note and didn’t really appear to have any great motive or plan, they were merely there to give Deadpool something to motivate him to do things and quip about. But as this was far more a film to set up and shine a light on Deadpool as a character, it’s easy enough to let that slide.

Overall Deadpool is absolutely one of my favourite films so far in 2016, one of my favourite films from the Superhero genre, and it’s going to be hard to see anything displacing it at the top spot come the end of the year.