Right it’s that time of year again with the biggest award show in film taking place this evening, the OSCARs. To be perfectly honest I’m not entirely sure if this is going to be predictions or what I want to win each category, but I’m just going to get on with this anyway.

Best Picture: So where better to start than Best Picture? Boyhood and Birdman are probably the big favourites for this one. Personally I really hope that Birdman wins it not Boyhood. However I can’t see this being the case as Boyhood is very much an awards film, thats not to say it’s not good, just the kind of film that the voters love.

Best Director: I cannot see past Richard Linklater for this award, and even though I preferred the other films of the list and would love to see Wes Anderson win this or even Alejandro González Iñárritu, I think Linklater does deserve this. Boyhood was a truly unique idea and he deserves the credit for it.

Best Actor: I think Eddie Redmayne will win for his remarkable portrayal of Stephen Hawking. Personally I think that Bradley Cooper’s inclusion ahead of Jake Gyllenhaal is ridiculous, and think Michael Keaton should actually sneak this one, but couldn’t complain if Eddie won it.

Best Actress: Julianne Moore’s performance in Still Alice will almost certainly win because like Boyhood with best picture it’s a very cliché award performance. In my opinion the deserved winner is actually Rosamund Pike who absolutely made Gone Girl into one of the finest films of last year.

Best Supporting Actor: It’s very very hard to see past JK Simmons for his role in Whiplash for this one, so I won’t even try. Although Ed Norton and Mark Ruffalo deserve mentions for their nominated roles as well.

Best Supporting Actress: Much like the last two categories there is only one likely winner here and that’s Patricia Arquette for Boyhood.

Best Original Screenplay: For about a week or so Birdman was probably in my favourite of the award considered films, that was until I saw Grand Budapest Hotel, which probably just edged ahead. I would be delighted for either of these to win it, and I think Birdman will probably manage it.

Best Adapted Screenplay: For me the Theory of Everything is the stand out in this category, but to be honest as long as American Sniper doesn’t win I’ll be a very happy man.

Best Animated Film: Quite frankly it is absolutely ridiculous that the LEGO Movie isn’t nominated here, an absolutely travesty. Of the films that are nominated Big Hero 6 will probably win it, and as great as it is, I’d love to see How To Train Your Dragon 2 win it.

Best Foreign Language Film: Right I’ve actually seen none of these films this year, but I understand Ida is probably the favourite for this.

Best Original Song: I’ve pretty much only included this category because I want to mention how EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!

Best Original Score: Interstellar did have a stellar score, but I really hope that Alexandre Desplat wins it for the Grand Budapest Hotel.

Best Cinematography: Both Birdman and Grand Budapest Hotel are very strong candidates for this one, I’d probably just lean towards Birman, the whole single take effect is fantastic and works brilliantly.

Best Visual Effects: Obviously Interstellar will most likely win this. But I just really want to see my favourite of 2015, Guardians of the Galaxy win this award, I mean come on Groot and Rocket… A TALKING TREE AND A RACOON LOOKED BELIEVABLE!