It’s here, the final part of Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright’s Blood and Cornetto trilogy. It’s been 6 long years since the last outing in Hot Fuzz, so there’s one big question, was it worth the wait? Well I went to see a screening of the full trilogy the other night, so before I get down to the World’s End review I say a little about the first two.

Firstly Shaun of the Dead, the movie which brought this pairing from small screen comedies, like Spaced, to the big screen, and what a way. Shaun of the Dead is still the benchmark for all horror comedies, much more than the Scary Movie franchise. Designed as a homage to George Romero’s zombie film, in my opinion Shaun is the true pinnacle of Zombie films as well. It tells the story of a zombie epidemic from the perspective of two slackers. What really sets it apart from other Zombie films is the beating heart at the centre of the film, with great characters and huge laughs it really was breath of fresh air. Not to mention the fact that it brought Nick Frost to the general public’s attention with his scene stealing performance as Ed.

The follow up a couple of years later was Hot Fuzz, a film that has become a firm tv favourite for just about everybody. It brought together two cops, Pegg’s character Angel, a London cop dedicated to the job who is sent to a small countryside village of Sanford where he is partnered with Frost’s bumbling, slacker Danny. What many people really love is the fact that it’s a very British cop film, but which culminates in absolute chaos in one of the best film sequences ever. Again it was Nick Frost’s character who really stole the show as the loveable loser, and his bromance with Pegg really captures that heart from the first film.

So how does the third part of the film shape up? Well in the 6 years since, Pegg and Frost have done numerous projects since, most notably their first attempt at sci-fi Paul, but what was really missing was Edgar Wright’s touch. And it’s back with this. The World’s End really does recapture the spirit of the first two films.

After taking on the horror genre in Shaun and a Cop film in Hot Fuzz they moved onto my favourite film genre. Sci-fi. It tells the story of 5 friends, led by Pegg as the enigmatic Gary King who has failed to grow up since their school days, and Frost as Andy, a teetotal lawyer. The five friends are brought back to their hometown of Newton Haven to attempt a 12 pub pub-crawl they failed as teenagers. When they get back they discover that Newton Haven is the location of an attempted alien invasion.

The film really does succeeds on several levels. As with the previous 2 The World’s End has some brilliant characters, and their journeys through the film are really well thought out. And just like Shaun and Hot Fuzz it has some of the biggest names in british film and comedy, including most of those who had featured in the first two films. It’s brilliantly funny, in the triple screening, I easily laughed the most at this, although maybe because I’ve seen the others before. It also, as with the previous films has some great songs in the sound track, principally Primal Scream’s loaded. Also it plays on two key themes, that feeling of coming back to your hometown and finding it all the same, yet different, although as I’ve not yet left my hometown, I haven’t experienced this myself. It also has something to say about growing up after your school days, something which Pegg’s character has failed to do. Put these all together and you really do have a great film thats worthy of being included in there with Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. However the ending does feel a little forced, but from my point of view I can forgive them that as I’m just so happy they made a sci-fi film, and that’s why I feel it’s my favourite of the trilogy.