Right I’m going to try something new and write a game review. The game I’m reviewing is injustice. Injustice, for those who don’t know, is a kind of mix of Mortal Kombat, but with DC characters, such as Batman and Superman. The game is clearly inspired a lot by Mortal Kombat, and they even have Scorpion as a downloadable character.

Now if you’re familiar with the Mortal Kombat gameplay then Injustice will all be very familiar to you. You have two characters and you fight each other until one’s health is reduced to zero, you have to learn the characters signature combo moves to really be effective at the game, and Injustice handles this really well. But where Injustice really excels in the story mode. You have to take your hat of to NetherRealm Studios and DC because they have created a brilliant storyline that would be worthy of any comic series, and created cutscenes that are more reminiscent of tv shows, that a game. And these coupled together manage to keep you hooked and playing the game, despite the fact that they gameplay offers very little variation.

There are of course other modes. Battle mode allows you to try and defeat a run of battles with various problems facing you. For instance in one your health doesn’t replenish after each fight making each progressive fight harder and harder, whilst another see you poisoned and your health slowly decreasing. S.T.A.R. labs allows the player to take on small challenges that range wildly from avoiding bombs to fighting three opponents in a row. It’s the kind of verity added by these other modes that manages to sustain player’s interests in the games.

Obviously the fact that the gameplay is fairly uniform means that you could get bored of it fairly easily, but even then it’d be great fun to pull out occasionally, eg when you’re playing with friends, as the multiplayer is even better than the solo gameplay, particularly if you are playing someone with roughly the same ability as you.

Overall, whilst the repetitive gameplay does stop it from being a great game, Injustice is a really fun game that is well worth getting, if only for the incredible campaign.