The debut Daughter album, ‘If You Leave’ was probably the one album I was most excited about at the start of the year. I saw them at Green Man in August 2012, and have loved their EPs. If you like the EPs you’ll probably like the album. It’s 90% new material, with only Youth being a previously released track. And whilst a lot of the new songs are great, Youth is by far and away my favourite track on their album, and probably my favourite track from any album over the past year. The album as a whole is the Daughter from the EPs, with hauntingly beautiful songs that have great lyrics, and music and vocals that compliment each other perfectly to create a spine-tingling sound. I think they’ve found a more rounded sound since the EPs, which is evident in the new version of Youth, which whilst being pretty much the same song, has had some small changes which just make it a more complete sound.

I love the melancholic tone to the songs, partially from the music, and partially from the some of the lyrics like “And if you’re in love, then you are the lucky one, ‘Cause most of us are bitter over someone” or “It’s spiralling down, Biting words like a wolf howling”. Now maybe this is because I’m a depressed person who loves sad and brooding music, but personally I think the song writing on this record is as good as anything in recent years, and I’m glad that they’re starting to get some more widespread recognition.

So if anyone out there actually thinks my opinion is worth a damn, then get up now, go out to the shops and buy this album, also the EPs ‘His Young Heart’ and ‘The Wild Youth’ is you can cause they’re brilliant.

“We are the reckless, we are the wild youth!”